Reasons to Take Pandan Tour(II)

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Pandan Tours


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3. Interesting Spots – Unseen Thailand

We pride ourselves on bringing you to an “unseen places”, or places that only the locals know of. Instead of a tourist crowd, you will meet the friendly locals who live along the canal. It would make things turn out to be more interesting for you. If you hear of any unusual place that is not included in our tour route, we can try to customize a program for your group as well. All of this is done to make sure you leave with the profoundest impression of Thailand.

4.Greener, more Sustainable Company

We try to conduct our business with care and concern for the environment. We converted our boat to run on natural gas, which is friendlier and produces less carbon dioxide to the air we breathe. We also practice sustainable tourism, which means not overloading the carrying capacity of our destination and spending our money locally without changing their way of life in a way that is detrimental to the traditional cultures.

5.Value Added with No Haggling

If you go down to the river bank on your own for a boat ride, the boat driver might ask more than what is a reasonable price, and that is without an English speaking guide. You may also need to haggle over the price which may leave a bad aftertaste. This is not a pleasant experience for anyone. Our tour is all inclusive and our prices are fixed and reasonable. Things will be much more convenient for you.




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