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Pandan Tours

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We are a tour operating company founded by Thai and Japanese/American family. Our combined experience in traveling is used to start a tour company that would satisfy the taste of discerning travelers, who prefer to dig a little deeper into the Thai culture and historical places in Bangkok. We would like to pass on to our customers what we have found to be a fresh travel experience, something that is more interesting than what the usual mass tourists get to see, and that no other regular tour companies have to offer before.

Reasons to Take Pandan Tour(I)

1.Family Friendly Tour – Pick up & Drop off Service Available

Every tour program we have is children friendly. As parents of young children, we understand the needs of parents. We have gears for children ready such as life jacket, poncho, and umbrella as well as snacks which are easier for them to munch on. We have had tour customers as young as 2 years old. Child and baby seats are available upon request.

2.Private/Small Group - Add Flexibility

We manage a tour of small group of people in a more intimate and private environment. Along the tour, you can always yell “Stop!” to look at what you are interested to see. We are flexible to make extra stops to explain to you about the site or to interact with locals.



Information source : http://www.thaicanaltour.com/about.php

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