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If looking for a venue, a luxury many of you will think of many famous hotels. But there is one more place. Valuable to make your wedding full of memories that are meaningful. This event offers a choice of five models to choose from five styles to suit the work to be organized in each period. And this place can accommodate from tens to thousands of them. This place is also a place where contemporary architecture Neoclassical. To emphasize the smooth, elegant, classic look elegant charm to the interior of the building. In addition, the facility is also located in the city whose name is sacred, too, which is "Bang" that the grand ideal size is believed that many people would figure out what that place is. "Bangkok Post Office Building"

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If you choose to work with, and then you get to stay in the job very seriously. Starting at this event, only one job per day.
Of course, this place will be a venue for your job only. And there is room for you to use as appropriate. The ceremony can be organized from morning until evening party long time. If asked about the food here but it is available for you to choose according to the Chinese - Thailand cocktail buffet.
The highlights of this would have been talking about a room with a choice of five rooms, five styles appropriate. The match started well
- The Office of Creative A large hall with an area of ​​1072 square meters and features of this room is able to accommodate a lot of work. The rooms are luxurious. Allows you to be like a wedding celebration in Prince ever.

- The Postal Rudi Saran This area is medium size With an area of 299 square meters has been designed with a unique style. The perfect theater emphasize Thailand. It is to be held in the morning ceremony such as engagement or tea.

- The Postal Vi jrit tra roge ja na This room is petite. With an area of only 107 square meters for the tea ceremony or a small number of guests. This will help create an atmosphere that you feel the warmth of the family.


- The Postal Rudi phri rohm A medium sized room with an area of 307 square meters, if appropriate, mention may suit Catering has approximately 150 guest rooms will be watching the match in the form of a classic.


- The final hall  ZIP Rudi Saran. This room has an area of 274 square meters of the room, this is the final design is contemporary. View fine for a party or celebration of marriage.


And this is another place. That would be an option for your perfect wedding as per plan you choose.



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