Wat Hua Lumphong

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   Wat Hua Lumphong

The MRT is located at 728 Rama 4 Road, Bangrak Bangkok, formerly known as the Rat Temple wildly ox, who built the building, and when the evidence does not. It is expected to be built in the early Rattanakosin period, about the reign of King Rama 1 to 3 shall be based on the assumption of the shape of the old temple and pagoda, which was built after the pair came together.
A measure of this is to be processed by the subsequent recalls that in 2310 the Burmese destroyed Ayutthaya temples as houses burn and eventually lost to the enemy capital, on April 1. which in 2310 was the last time in the history of this war, the people have suffered some panic and they can not afford to live. Is endemic to the next they are forced to evacuate their families to the south to settle at Wat Hua Lamphong today that is perfectly suited to the ownership of a canal to facilitate the traffic flow, so the evidence. Reserve land for years, have solid evidence is well settled.

Later, it built up jointly by the UN as a good father, and a Buddhist temple named Cow wildly popular as the name is synonymous with the name of a village because the villagers with a large part of Thailand often. named Same or have the same meaning.
Ratanakosin era, 109 years exactly to the year 2433, King Rama V's reign or five people across the country united to Him that parallel the name of King Chulalongkorn, the golden era of development in the country. the new system has made the railways for the first time in Thailand. From Bangkok to areas outside the city moat, the outer layer is sustained Kasem Canal King called MRT station which is about 2 km away from the temple bull wildly.
About the year 2447, around October or November, a ceremony of the season and hearsay evidence that King Rama V reign of His Majesty has spanned five times in the Buddhist temple is located at MRT. 728 Rama 4 Road, Bangrak same day, the third measure is as follows: three Chinese temple. (Wat Trai Mit Witthaya Ram) temple Showcase (measured Mahaprutharam) and a cow wildly. (Temple MRT)
To proceed, the leading fabric Pean temple wildly ox was ordered to change the name of the new King called temple Wat Hua Lamphong, he ordered the royal priest appointed abbot Phra Singh, a professor of business insight in one famous episode. time Provost Provost Wise was commissioned Muni is a divine grace for the boldest, most did not.
Since then, with the power of the King of Thailand with the King Rama V, who laid the foundation for a cherished sacred, and do good by virtues to become clear to clergy and worshipers are so different. Together create an institution to preserve the glorious harmonies grow up to serve the grace to His people.


MRT is the name given to the sacred Ming was flourishing throughout a renovated old institution into a new institution more dignified to Sri religion.
Temple MRT land about 20 acres, the first phase is about 7 acres later, Mr. Fuller brush glass which landed next to the temple of Rama 4 dedicated portion thereof to measure about 6 acres and Ms. Ortega Lim Seng redeem it. Offerings will be a land of seven rai 1 ngan 88 square wah (now the site of Buddhist church Microbiology) Current measurement MRT land is measured and Tietrnisgฆs the title deed number 31734 area of ​​12 Rai 2 Ngan 88 square wah plot No. 2327, area. 7 rai 2 Ngan 88 square wah plot No. 1973, area 3 and 81 meters Act No. 3419 and an area of ​​79 square meters, two-acre plot No. 1972, No. 3123-acre plot of 99 square meters, 69 square meters.
July 18, 2545 Temple MRT received graciously by King lifted up as a kind of a monastery grade.




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