Bangkok Seashell Museum

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  Bangkok Seashell Museum

Seashell Museum Bangkok A place to exhibit beautiful, rare shells, one of the few places in the world are showcasing shells from around the world. The accumulation Education and passed on from generation to generation for many decades. On realized the importance of education shells in various aspects. Thailand to youth groups and other interested persons. And a colorful tour of the new city.
Seashell Museum Bangkok It was incorporated on January 10, 2552 As you stick thin Wong Pattamasingh fan shells, two days from the fans who love the magic of the shell. The question can not be answered by the book. Or in the classroom The third floor exhibit shells collected more than 600 kinds of interest groups separate floors. Enabling visitors to experience the beauty. And a variety of shells on display.


 Tier one to know how to build the shell of a snail. "Shell happen."
You will find a large shell. The weight of such a giant clam. The bivalves are the largest in the world, weighing up to 300 kilograms to nautilus shell with a matte finish in a beautiful pearl. Elephantiasis various shellfish The hunt porcupines for food, including oysters, shellfish, shells, small rabbits. The poisonous result is known. Whale flat


Tier 2 spectacular with beautiful colors of the shells is known. Jewel of the Seas
The highlight of this floor is shelled bivalves such as scallops colorful emperor. Scallops Somalia The most notable of bivalves class is a scallop-shaped heart. The Bivalvia interest in this class. The dress features a clam shell building and decoration is unique. For ink Fossil Exhibit ammonoidea age 160 million years, and the ink is known as clamshell trunk. The complex structure of the shell, so the origin of the modern submarine.



Tier 3 study of prey. And survive Different kinds of shells The tree snail The rare today.
Conus snails, which are known as the Legion. Not only harmful to the shellfish. Or only fish Can also kill humans within five minutes, only for freshwater shellfish like clams River, few people know that a black crust. Brown dirty interior is enriched with pearl coating. The skin is not beautiful pearl pearl by the sea.




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