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       Post Office Building The neo-classical building with a very grand building from 2478 and into the Soi Charoen Krung 32, which is the side of the Post Office Rak. In the alley, we can see the works of guest artists, including Wall Art Bonus TMC, Alexmardi, Sabek, Phai, Kult, Lolay, Thibaud Tchertchian the neatly painted walls in the alley of the more attractive.

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     The River City Prior to the turn off to Soi Charoen Krung will take us through to the small school science rose. This is the location of the Rosary Church. The Old Catholic Church Created since 2330 by the Portuguese, who arrived in Thailand. Has been restored several times into the architecture Golden Ticket seen today.

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       A little while later we will see Thailand Commercial Bank branch at the market. This building is the first office. Corporation Bank, Siam Gulf Samaj Capital Limited. Created Since 2451, a tsar Bowl mix neoclassical architecture. The design is the same man who designed the Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall. This building is viewed only on bank opening hours.

And allowed to shoot only on external.


                                                Saddo                                                     Daehyun Kim                                           cr. : https://goo.gl/P4NQRx                            cr. : https://goo.gl/d4ZL3m    


  Meubon                                                          Old Town

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    From this, we have two choices between returning to River City to watch Wall Art at Soi Charoen Krung 28, or go to the alley varnish 2, then go to the store and Charoen Krung 28 later if we choose to go. out of River City To return to the road in the local problems. It will go to Soi Charoen Krung 28 Soi is a Hostel and a coffee shop called Old Town, the two side walls at the mouth of the alley and across the Old Town is a Wall Art Bird Hat will work Saddo Romanian part of the Old. Town will perform two pieces. The first piece is a work of Daehyun Kim is Korean black and white pictures on the walls. And a piece on the building of a bird riding on one wheel as a result of Muebon.

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         Lane 2 varnish we come out through his left temple Song Wad Road mini Patumkongka. The royal temple floor master Ratchaworawihan kind since the Ayutthaya period. The monastery has a lot of interesting things. The buildings are hundreds of years old coordinates the opposite side of the temple to find another piece Pink Wall Art featured on the right. This is the work of Romanian artist named Aitch Nearby is a coffee shop and an old name Song Seng settled into a cool drink, sit back, relax heat very well.



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              Tiwaporn Kriengkraikul


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