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  O.P. Garden Bangkok Department store

O.P. Garden is located on Soi Charoen Krung 36 near Mandarin Oriental and the French Embassy. In the area of ​​the historic district of Bangkok. A brand new shopping center under “OP” for luxury shopping in TCC Capital Land was officially launched on November 26th 2552 in Shopping., O.P. Garden centers still in brand identity “OP” as well as in shopping centers., O.P. Place emphasis on the selection of stores that offer products with high quality and craftsmanship. Magnificent building with classical architecture.

O.P. Garden old buildings were originally built in the reign of King Rama V (King Rama 5) Later in the year 2479 has been updated to the clinic “United Medical” by Dr.. Bunsong Lekagul conservationist renowned Thailand. This is the first poly clinic of Siam at that time. Structure is a beautiful five small buildings behind the space in the middle.

References photo :  https://goo.gl/KgRGfN

United Medical on shut down . Mall Management Studio . , O.P. Place saw the potential of the area that is to be updated to a compact shopping center , another one. Developed in a shopping center . , O.P. Garden go up. The area developed into a small courtyard in the middle . Add trees to the project. It is a notable feature of this project. Elements within the different stores in the shopping center . , O.P. Place . I will continue to focus on products that are decorative collectibles and art , but it has a modern airy feeling of the Products in Garden Art (Garden of Fine Arts & cuisine) and will focus on modern art a lot. more Jewelry products and jewelry. It focuses on contemporary design . The salon celebrated with branches worldwide. The beauty clinic . Modern and unique. That this area of the garden center has a restaurant and a coffee shop names is open . The overall atmosphere of the O.P. Garden has a friendly and relaxed. Customers can shop and relax with a delicious meal . Or sip a cool drink . In an atmosphere of relaxation.


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