History of Bang rak

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History of Bang rak

As one of the 50 districts of Bangkok were among the CBD. This is the central business district, trade, service and diplomatic located along the east bank of the Chao Phraya River in the north and east. Adjacent to Pathum Wan Rama had four blocks south of a line adjacent to Sathon. Sathorn canal is adjacent to the western boundary is Prof. Khlong San. The Middle River area as well. And north With Samphanthawong Krung Kasem Canal has sustained a barrier .. ".
It is "the" Rak district, provincial capital. King Rama 5th place on 2 June 2450 by Rs 127, or district in the capital, according to the Ministry of District 4 and District is one of eight districts of Bangkok.
Until the year 2515 has been declared the military establishment, Bangkok. Up to "Metropolitan Bangkok Thonburi" Overall, two metropolitan provinces. Thon Buri province It is the only province Rak district has been changing as Bangkok. District in district It ranks as the 5th District, which currently is Mahaprutharam Silom Road Suriyawong Bang Si.
For the origin of the name "RAK" There is an assumption that many together. Whether it's Bang Rak area. I have a small canal Flowing down the river And the timber was found in the canal is pretty big. This area is called by that name, not hours. Another stream or river area is believed to have the love. Based on a number as its name.
Some legends state that the name Bang came from doctors or hospitals. In those days, the major hospitals of the district. It is known as the "Bang Rak," and the distortion is Rak today.
The final was believed in the past called the Bang Bang Kwang canal beneath. The neighborhood has a wide variety of both professional sailor. French foreign crew combinations. Tourism is not a source of controversy even kill each other often, death. The villagers then asked to use the name as a sacred calling that Rak district of the same name.
But the match was "Rak" is very favorable.

     Bang Rak district is in a boom, but old. Bang until today, it is also the main commercial center of Bangkok. The area of ​​the office, the office of a trading company in various financial institutions, banks, finance companies, embassies, hotels, mosques, temples, shrines and places. For this reason, Bang had people come to work, trade, business and occasioned a number of days for the District Mahaprutharam area called yellow bridge and the bridge lights are also the ethnic Chinese are massively wealthy. economic good

Bang Rak area with approximately 5.536 square kilometers and consists of the fifth district.

1) Road Mahaprutharam (Maha Phruettharam) has 0.889 square kilometers.

2) Silom (Si Lom) with an area of ​​2.064 square kilometers.

3) Suriyawong (Suriyawong) with an area of ​​0.280 square kilometers.

4) Road Bang (Bang Rak) has 0.689 square kilometers.

5) Road Si Phraya (Si Phraya) has 1.064 square kilometers.

Bang border with the area.

North: Pathumwan

The South Sathon

East on Sathon and Pathumwan.

West Samphanthawong and the river.


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