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Hotel Once Bangkok

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Top Knot

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          Savor an array of sumptuous menus recommended by our Chef, along with this unrivaled rooftop view of the panoramic Chao Praya River running roughly in parallel with the enticing city view of Bangkok. Stunning sights, which await you right at the edge of the spacious balcony, are one of the definitive to-dos at Once. A truly distinctive space that offers much more; with a great versatility for a set-up of all spectacular and memorable events, especially for couples thinking about tying the knot.



Being Engaged

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          Rooftop wedding venue is the perfect setting for your memorable wedding day. Hotel Once Bangkok offers elegant packages for wedding ceremony and celebrations.



Time-Capsule Lounge


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          This area invites you to write a personal note to your future self, seal it and leave it to be disclosed in a future moment. Just imagine writing a letter to your future self, then opening it at that exact moment ahead in the future to read the message from the past you’ve left to yourself. It serves as functional or poetic or just-for-a-laugh note-to-thyself, to remind you of little something that can be valuable to yourself. Leave it to Once to be your time-turner; we will mail the letter to you all in a timely manner!




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          The reception offers an extensive range of business services. As sociable epicenter of this living space, guests can sit back, chill out, enjoy, share, write and read, chat or laugh…We are pleased to serve you with a welcome drink, free newspapers and magazines, free WIFI. And well, anything you wish really!



Green Wall

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          The natural beauty of green wall sets you right to a relaxing mood at a very first glimpse when you arrive at the hotel. Wall and wall of lush garden are intricately designed to enhance the space and create a soothing atmosphere throughout your pleasant stay at ONCE.



Shuttle Boat Service

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          Our shuttle boat transports guests between Ramada Plaza Bangkok Menam Riverside Hotel and Saphan Taksin BTS station (Taksin/Sathorn Pier) with complimentary service. Regular and frequent service available seven-days-a-week, it’s the perfect way to explore the old town during your journey. The journey each way takes about 8 minutes and is available every 30 minutes from 7.00 am to 11.00 pm. The shuttle boat are easily recognisable with the Ramada Plaza Bangkok Menam Riverside logo.



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Made By : Pajaree Thawornkasem , Suwara Marsung, Preyanuch Naparuksawong ,Chutsuda Varnodyana,Chanapat Sae-tang

              Jeny Chang,Saowaluk Prasongkan,Suthira Tupthavee, Artittaya Phodchamarnsirikul

                Satri Si suriyothai School bangkok

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