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Thai version.







From the 13th to the prime minister, "pillars of democracy".




           Kukrit return to the political arena again. Start by being elected as President of the National Assembly. Constituent Act of the Kingdom of Thailand BE 2517 post-October 14, 2516, then collaborated with former MPs and businessmen. The Social Action Party, on November 4, 2517 by Mr. Chu has served as party leader until a stable party secretary. Using the campaign slogan such as "I do not say and do," "fearless to be overly exuberant" and "We Do" by focusing on policies to bring politics to the people. The focus is on the quality of life of rural people and spread prosperity to the province.






         To return to the political field, this time resulting in a Social Action Party leader Chairman. Ministers in the 13 elections since 2518 in spite of the MPs, only 18 people have started a coalition with other political parties to hold a 22-party coalition with the party's political mix in the history of Thailand. Interestingly, many of the policies and policy, including the diversion of 2,500 million baht for development through the Rural District Council. Crop insurance policies These open diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China. Social welfare policies such as free bus ride. Thailand and provide people with an income of less than 1,000 baht per month receive free medical care. Which is regarded as the root of good government policies are currently set to be developed.








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Prepared by Ms. kanmanee Saetang Srisuriyothai school Bangkok

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