The history of the kukrit's home

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                House. The. The. Kukrit. Located at 19 South Sathorn Soi Phra Pinit said that the beans go well. Soi Suan Plu group consisting Thai pavilion and Thailand. In approximately 5 acres of land in Baan Thai MR Kukrit a central Erืanecrืeagsab genuine. Demolition of the old battered. Cooking up a new post in the original shape. But the layout and improve living conditions among the wealthy houses, outbuildings and five behind the house is not for the good of all. The house was purchased from different places. It is the shop steward for the exploitation seamlessly takes over 20 years to build and decorate the building and gardens. Complete light guards As it is today




Source : Ms. Kanmanee Saetang 



             The house was originally owned by Maj.. The. Prapinij the case of the husband. The. The. Woman I shall get into the sister's room. The. The. Kukrit. And m. The. The. Seni Pramoj used as the address of the tokens Pramoj brothers. Until the Second World War will be seized by the government. And was used as the residence of the Japanese military. But m. The. The. Woman received merit its own name first. Before falling in the possession of partners. The. The. Kukrit on 18 August 2518 at the session. The. The. Kukrit as prime minister. This house has been taken by the police. The. The. Infinite Sana Khan destroy invaders. The m. The. The. Kukrit not at home. The reason is because the police are not satisfied. The. The. Kukrit premier travel insurance before that person was arrested in the North. Because of the attack police The court allowed bail. Hence offensive to the police as well



Source : Ms. Kanmanee Saetang 


            The. Kukrit to live in this house on 2503 and improved steadily over the last thirty years. Death until 2538, when the Fine Arts Department has registered as a historic site. Type the key and opened as a museum house. M. The. The. Kukrit in custody. Kukrit 80 Foundation under the Royal Patronage. HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn's. Chakri Sirindhorn




Source : Ms. Kanmanee Saetang 






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Prepared by Ms. kanmanee Saetang Srisuriyothai school Bangkok

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