วันดื่มนมโลก (World Milk Day)

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World Milk Day on June 1st!


Published: พฤษภาคม 31, 2549

Why hold a World Milk Day?

The World Milk Day provides an opportunity to focus attention on milk and to publicise activities connected with milk and the milk industry.  The fact that many countries choose to do this on the same day lends additional importance to individual national celebrations and shows that milk is a global food.

Where did it begin?

FAO (the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations) was asked to propose a specific day on which all aspects of milk could be celebrated.

Why 1st June?

This date was chosen because a number of countries were already celebrating a national milk day on or around this time. Late May was originally proposed, but some countries, for example China felt they already had too many celebrations in that month. While most countries hold their celebrations on 1st June, some choose to hold them a week or so before or after this date.

Some of the activities on World Milk Day:


I work for Dairy Australia and we have supported World Milk Day through distributing a media release to all short lead media including TV and Radio. We are organising a picture opportunity at Collingwood Children's Farm. In the picture it will feature model Jess Farrell who was raised on a Dairy Farm and five gorgeous kids (ages 3 -6) from different cultures and backgrounds (Sri Lankan/African/Asian/Anglo Australian) they will get milk moustaches to celebrate World Milk Day (Thursday 1st June). There is also the opportunity to include Dairy Cow and calf if required. (by Laura Downey)


In Austria we celebrate the World Milk Day on June 1st, 2006. Some organizations organize a press conference about milk and quality of milk products. In Austria there are also 140 school-milk farmers. Some of them make school-milk in the region since 1993. Some of them has been delivering milk to schools for 10 years. In May and June we celebrate this event in schools with the farmer and the Agrarmarkt Austria Marketing GesmbH. We also demonstrate the new school-milk film and a package with milk information for schools.
The school-milk farmers give their thanks and give a waterball to every pupil and some farmers get a certification for 10 years of school-milk production.

Also a lot of dairies, other farmers and agriculture schools celebrate the milk around the 1st June.  (by Josef Weber)


In Brazil, Láctea Brasil produced a text about the benefits of dairy produtcs and the improvement of milk in human health. We send it for the "big media", in all the country. You can read (in portuguese) on our website : http://www.lacteabrasil.org.br/pagina.asp?idS=32&idN=110
Láctea Brasil has for teh last 7 years worked to promote dairy products. Until now, more than 320,000 children worked with our "milk magazines" and more than 120 companies and entities collaborated with us! (by Manuela Gama)


This is the work plan from the Government

1. New conference about Chinese dairy development, milk nutrition publicity & school milk by MOA
2. Solicit articles; Painting; Photography competition activity about school milk by National school milk office of China

Student health & Food nutrition propaganda (include: school lunch & milk)

Shanghai: School milk forum by Shanghai school milk office

Inner Mongolia: School milk program award conference and milk road show by local school milk office
(by Tony Chai, Tetra Pak China)

Costa Rica:

CoopeCoronado R.L will be celebrating World Milk Day in Costa Rica for the fifth year in a row. On this important occasion the company has put huge efforts into publicising the Day through mass media, i.e. the dissemination of its activities through news coverage and a program of events for the local community of Vásquez de Coronado with over 60,000 Costa Rican citizens. On World Milk Day, Coronado has organized various activities for the visitors, starting with a discussion on the "Importance of milk" in the parish of Coronado where everybody is invited to participate.
At the same time, festivities will take place in the public park of Coronado with free milk distributed by the staff of Coop. In addition, the company will donate milk to 100 disadvantaged families and throughout the whole day visitors can enjoy a number of cultural activities outdoors. After the event we will let you know about the results of this year's festivities and we hope that in other parts of the World the promotion and consumption of milk will be celebrated as well!
(by Oscar Zúñiga C.)


In Croatia, the 6th World Milk Day is going to be celebrated in cooperation with media, organizing milk parties for children and handing out leaflets at public places.
(by Jasmina Havranek)


Dairy nutrition Council in Finland supports World Milk Day through distributing a media release to all media including TV and Radio. We have organised a drawing competition this spring  to all pupils at age 7-12.  There were 35 000 drawings from all over the country and the winners will get their prizes on the the celebrities in different schools on the 3 rd of June when the school term is over. On the first of June a new milk maid is declared, as in 32 years before and we will organise a World Milk Day breakfast party. The milk maid will work a year from now promoting school milk at schools. (by Ulla-Marja Urho)


In Germany the "World Milk Day" is celebrated in twelve federal states themed "Pure Energy". Kids and adults are invited to demonstrate their physical and mental energy in several competitions. Wether milking matches, obstacle show-jumping, milk can bowling, milk-quiz or milksop-casting - young and old will have a good laugh. Each participant gets a "World Milk Day Certificate" and can win small give-aways like T-Shirts, silicone bracelets, pencils, balloons etc.

We're expecting some german celebrities as the figure skating star Katarina Witt, TV-Host Wigald Boning and Skiing-Star Markus Wasmeier, who will all break the secret about their personal energy source, which is (of course) milk
;-) We're informing about the World Milk Day by press releases, radio promotions and media cooperations. (by Tomma Rabach)


We will celebrate World Milk Day on June 1st. We are going to invite all the social clubs that exist in Guyana to participate in a function that we will offer in different elementary schools. I will keep you informed. (Hector Munoz)


Being a dairyman I make a point to celebrate World Milk days not on one particular day. Every Science Exhibition we make a point to distribute milk with  full scientific information. Every year we reach not less than 20,000 children age group 4 to 16. We have prepared a 99 year calendar for school children that they may use while reading and writing. We wish one day u will visit our country which is growing with a jet speed, in every sector . 
(by Dr.R.S.Patel )


World milk day in Israel takes place at the end of spring-time, when everything still is green. Coincidently, this day takes place on the same time that we, the Jewish people, celebrate the holiday of "Shavuot". This word in Hebrew means "Seven Weeks", and it is celebrated, exactly seven weeks from Passover night (it is parallel to the Christian holiday of PANTACOST).  In bible time, near 3000 years ago, as well as today, cattle sheep and goats in nature, in the "Holy land", use to give birth and have plenty of pasture and milk during this period, therefore, our ancient fathers used to prepare and consume milk products. That is why it is a tradition to celebrate this holiday with dairy products meals and deserts.

Another act of celebration for the world milk day is the organization of the "Annual meeting for dairy cattle" to take place in Jerusalem, 6-8 of June. This event is organized every year by the extension service in the ministry of agriculture (MOAG), and the Israel Cattle Breeders Association (ICBA) and sponsored  by the Israel Dairy Board (IDB).
During three intensive days, more than 70 articles are presented, covering all the "Hot" topics of our dairy sector. Between these will be presented and discussed the following issues:
- the conclusion of 6 years reform in the Israeli dairy sector and its impact on the future production efficiency.
- School milk program, to be initiated soon in Israel.
- Comparative study about the efficiency of milk production in Israel and the world.
- Trends in food consumption habits in Israel and the world.
- Factors influencing the persistency of the high producing Israeli cow.
- The relation between udder health and fertility traits.
- Economical and health aspects of shortening the dry period.
- First results of robotic milking in Israel.
A special session will deal with "Summer milk". In this session we will review the achievements of the Israeli farmers in reducing summer negative impact on cows performance and discuss the appropriate payment policy for encouraging farmers to deal with summer by using advanced cooling systems and management practices, recently developed in Israel.         
All presentations will be given in Hebrew, and so will be the abstracts book. We plan, for the benefit of our colleagues all over the world, to have in the future also an English version.

(Dr. Israel Flamenbaum, Director of cattle department MOAG, Liron Tamir, Economist IDB)


I am sending you the program of world milk day celebration, first ever, in Kazakhstan. We are going to hold a sport competition “Milk Starts” among children of the beginning schools of one district in Almaty. All children will receive locally produced milk for free. All visitors, guests and fans will get it as well. The celebration became possible with the support of local administration and is driven by the Tetra Pak office. Totally we will have 500 participants in competitions, 1000 of visitors, 4 local milk producers and media representatives. We would like to make this kind of celebration each year and probably next year we will engage much more people in. (by Pavel Salikhov)


Malawian dairy farmers will be celebrating WMD at a newly opened milk collection centre in Chisitu, Mulanje district. It is a spectacular setting with the 2000m rock walls of Mulanje Mountain rising into the clouds behind it. The programme for the day will include the 10km milk race with farmers from 20 milk collection centres taking part, educational and product displays, awards for top farmers, and poetry and dance put together by some of their multi-talented colleagues.

We marked the first WMD in 2001 with a campaign against surtax on milk which was ultimately successful. But we did wonder what excuse we would have to get together in future years. After 4 more years of watching the poetry and dance become increasingly elaborate, I think we have the answer. 1st June has turned out to be just a great excuse to get together with the extended dairy family - to celebrate our links with dairy farmers here and around the world.

We all take great pride in being part of that family, and I still get a buzz every time I see someone in a WMD T-shirt and realize we have that connection! (by Brian Lewis)


Together with the Ministry of Rural Development and other stakeholders, we are preparing an exhibition similar to last year's, with Ministers and other people ;  this evening 31st there should be a Debate on TV. Greetings to all and best wishes on World Milk Day!
(by Nancy Abeiderrahmane)


It is our great pleasure to inform you that Nepal Dairy Association apex body of Nepalese dairy industries organization is going to celebrate 6th World Milk Day by providing milk and dairy products to street children, Children Food Program/Nepal and Adult cure center (Social Welfare Organization). We circulate our affiliate member to organize free milk distribution campion through out the country.

Our 8th General Assembly Meeting going to held on that day. The executive committee meeting has taken the decision annual general assembly meeting will conduct 1st June every year. We request government authorities to carry out different activities from their sides. As you know this is our first experience, we will celebrate World Milk Day successfully in Nepal. (by Krishna Prasad Bastola, Nepal Dairy Association)


To celebrate World Milk Day this year we are planning to have a press conference where we will present results from a survey on milk consumption and attitudes towards milk. We have also informed about the World Milk Day in our magazine and on our website www.mjolkframjandet.se. (by Kerstin)

United Kingdom:

A description of World Milk Day activities that will go to 500,000 UK children:
This year in celebration of World Milk Day, Cool Milk is encouraging all children from participating schools, to enter a competition to win a cuddly Friesian cow. Every child under 12 can enter; all they have to do is create a picture that best sums up ‘the importance of milk around the world.’

The competition is an exciting exercise for the children to be involved in, encouraging artistic skills whilst also educating children on the nutritional benefits of milk. Cool Milk is endeavouring to raise the profile of school milk.  West Sussex is a good example of the forthcoming promotional drive. All participating West Sussex schools will be offered the option of free milk for all pupils on the 25th May in lieu of World Milk Day on the 1st June (1st June falls in half term.) The Free Milk Day hopes to encourage more children to drink milk on a regular basis. (by Jon Thornes, Cool Milk at School)


This is the first time Vietnam organise the World Milk Day. We will have a big event for 11,000 children in Ho Chi Minh City and 5,000 in Hanoi. 
Children from 6 to 10 will gather at the City Botanical Garden to participate in competitions and enjoy free milk. We will turn the whole Botanical Garden into the Children Garden with all the famous Walt Disney characters and characters from famous children stories strolling around the garden giving children milk packs. Children will have a fun time with Designing Corner (where they can express their wonderful creativeness in designing their favourite milk pack of future)  or at the Craft Competition or enjoy the "cooking class corner" with the new recipes on milk cocktails. The event is opened by the City Mayor and is seen as an exciting exercise for children to be fun, encouraging artistic skills while educating children on the nutritional benefits of milk at the same time. The event will be closed with the performance from a famous Puppet Band of the city.

The World Milk Day is a meaningful event to us as it also opens the gate to bring milk to primary schools as the official school lunch in August. There is an estimate of 27 mio packs (200ml) to be delivered for 420,000 children at primary schools at the first stage.
(by Trinh Nguyen, Tetra Pak Vietnam)


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